My Camera Gears

In 2017, our photography journey began with the Fujifilm X70, a gem for street photography priced at around $900. Despite its inability to swap lenses, its versatility remains unmatched, outperforming even the iPhone 15 Pro Max to this day. Our next acquisition was the Nikon D7500 in 2019, costing approximately... [Read More]
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Selecting the right robotic gripper is a critical decision in the world of automation and robotics. The choice of gripper can significantly impact the performance, efficiency, and versatility of a robotic system. Whether it’s for manufacturing, logistics, or research applications, making an informed decision in gripper selection is essential to... [Read More]


In this post, I am going to present the different physics engines that are available for engineering applications. I’ll talk about what are different simulation types and applications. I’ll introduce the rigid-body simulation techniques. I’ll mention what simulations are suitable for Reinforcement Learning (RL). Additionally, I’ll mention issues with most... [Read More]

Orientation Error

Robot Control The job of the robot controller is to convert the task specification to forces and torques at the actuators. Control strategies include motion control, force control, hybrid motion/force control, or impedance control. Which of these behaviors is appropriate depends on both the task and the environment. For carrying... [Read More]