April 15/2020: KUKA Reinforcement Learning

I have released simple implementations of Deep Q Learning (DQN) and Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) using PyTorch, PyBullet and OpenAI Gym. The code can be found here.

November 1/2019: KUKA User Interface

Mehrdad R. Kermani and I published the details of the KUI software in CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, “An Integration Platform for Multiple Modules and Kuka Robots,” (Access).

Aug 30/2017: Open-source KUKA User Interface

I have Released the code!
GitHub Link: https://github.com/mahyaret/KUKA-UI


In Action:

May 10/2017: Repairing KUKA LWR IV

Our KUKA LWR IV hit its table very hard and one of the joints stopped moving afterward. The defected joint was wobbling as the following video shows:

My friend Nik and I opened the defected joint. Motor/brake screws got loose in their positions. The screws and threads looked fine so we fastened them tightly and assembled back everything and done! everything’s working ;)