When a self written module gets updated, reevaluating the buffer and the module in the python shell inside Emacs/Elpy doesn’t get updated. For solving this issue, add the following to your Emacs configuration file:

(defun my-restart-python-console ()  
  "Restart python console before evaluate buffer or region to avoid various uncanny conflicts, like not reloding modules even when they are changed"  
  (if (get-buffer "*Python*")  
      (let ((kill-buffer-query-functions nil)) (kill-buffer "*Python*")))  
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c C-x C-c") 'my-restart-python-console)  

restart your Emacs run your code using C-c C-x C-c

In short, this code has the “if clause” for checking if *Python* buffer is open. This will help to be able to run C-c C-x C-c at any time of development even when there is no Python process already open. Another part is kill-buffer-query-functions which neglects the prompt for killing the *Python* buffer.