How to make a DVD (Advanced concepts)

sometime you download subtitles which are in sub/idx format which is not supported in DVD-Lab pro so you can do the following :1. Use dvdsupdecode to convert the .sup file into a .txt file and several .bmp files,with the -bitmap parameter and either the -pal or -ntsc parameter according to... [Read More]

How to make a DVD (DVD-Lab pro)

1.make a new project and select "Normal (VTS Menu + Movie)" and select PAL.2.Import converted files to your project their bitrates is better to be about 1200kbps.3.from "connections" select "movie1" and add the imported video and audio which are now separated.4.add your subtitle remember to choose proper script for its... [Read More]

Hid Demo

finally I could find a library in order to work with usb very easily here is the library itself.usb hid can be downloaded here which is written in c#.usb pic side can be downloaded here which is made which ccs.this code is not complete and is just for learning how... [Read More]

How to import dll C#

make a console project and paste the is the code :using System;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;class Example{// Use DllImport to import the Win32 MessageBox function.[DllImport("user32.dll")]static extern int MessageBox (IntPtr hWnd, String text, String caption, uint type);static void Main(){ // Call the MessageBox function using platform invoke. MessageBox(new IntPtr(0), "Hello, World!", "Hello Dialog",... [Read More]
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