Resume & Portfolio


Date: January 2014 -- December 2017
Program: Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering
GPA: 4.0/4.0
University: The University of Western Ontario
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Supervisor: Dr. M.R. Kermani
Thesis Title: Robotic Manipulation of Environmentally Constrained Objects Using Underactuated Hands

- Created an underactuated mechanism design for accurate Proprioceptive Tactile Sensing.
- Designed and developed an algorithm for Robotic Grasp Planning (fabricated for Agricultural Robotics) using a rapid method for friction estimation.
- Implemented computer vision for Robotic Grasp Planning using point cloud obtained by Stereo Camera, and MATLAB.
- Achieved Real-Time control of KUKA Light-Weight Robot IV (7-DOF Robot) by developing a Multi-Threaded C++ interface with trajectory generation using Type II Reflexxes Motion Library.
- Performed Unix shell scripting for The Robot Operating System (ROS) to control KUKA LWR IV.
- Successfully designed and developed electrical circuitries using Protel (e.g., current drivers, etc.), embedded sensors (e.g., six-axis force/torque sensor, load cell, encoder, etc.), and selected all the required parts (motors, linear rails, belts, pulleys, cables, etc.) for an Autonomous Robotic Harvester which has reached the commercialization stage.
- Developed motor drivers for fast prototyping robotic grippers using NI DAQ, dSPACE.
- Designed self-adaptive parallel structures for an Underactuated Robotic Finger using Solidworks, 3D Printed and assembled the prototypes
- Assisted in teaching Real-time embedded system development in C (uC/OS-II RTOS).
- Assisted in teaching Control systems.

Date: September 2010 -- October 2012
Program: M.Sc in Electrical Engineering majored in Control Systems
GPA: 3.63/4.0
University: Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Supervisors: Prof. H.A. Talebi and Dr. F. Abdollahi
Thesis title: Implementation and Control Design for Grasping Convex Objects Using Cooperative Whole Arm Manipulator.

Date: September 2005 -- July 2009
Program: B.Sc in Electrical Engineering majored in Control Systems
University: Shiraz University (Pahlavi University)
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Supervisor: Dr. M. Yazdi
Project: Speech Compression using Wavelet Techniques.

Work Experience

Date: June 2019 -- Present
Company: Epson
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Position: Research Scientist - Robotics/AI
Responsibility: Confidential.

Date: January 2018 -- May 2019
Company: Dematic
Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada
Position: Controls Software Engineer
Responsibility:Research and development of the Dematic flagship product for supply chain solution "Dematic Multi-Shuttle (DMS)". Development of automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction, from integration, testing to releasing. Agile software development.

Date: August 2015 -- September 2015
Company: KONNEXIO Inc.
Location: London, ON, Canada
Position: Software Engineering Intern
Responsibility: Automation controls development, HMI programming, C# development, Hardware and Software troubleshooting and debug.

Date: October 2014 -- December 2015
Company: eVinci Technologies Inc.
Location: London, ON, Canada
Position: Application Engineer
Responsibility: Circuit design and embedded system development for data acquisition devices. Server interface development for big data management. 3D CAD design and stress analysis.

Date: June 2014 -- September 2014
Company: Whitecrest Mushrooms Limited
Location: London, ON, Canada
Position: Software Engineering Intern
Responsibility: KUKA Light Weight Robot IV (7-DOF Robot) Fast Research Interface (FRI) development, GUI interface development for KUKA FRI interface, trajectory generator development using Type II Reflexxes Motion Library.

Date: 2011 -- 2012
Company: Niroo Research Institute (NRI)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Position: Research Engineer (Contractor)
Responsibility: Modeling, identification, and validation of Iran's major power plants' parameters.

Date: 2011 -- 2012
Company: Behkar Anjam
Location: Tehran, Iran
Position: Industrial Engineer (Contractor)
Responsibility: Industrial automation design and maintenance, home automation design and maintenance.

Date: August 2009 -- December 2013
Company: Zistab Taraz Consulting Engineers
Location: Tehran, Iran
Position: Electrical and Electronics Engineer
Responsibility: Conducting research on instrumentation and control systems, installation of Geoelectrics devices, supervising technicians, and investigating electrical failures.
- Conducted seismic data acquisition using Geoelectrical instrument measure IP (Induct Polarization) and RS (Resistivity).
- Supervised and inspected the installation, modification, testing and operation of Geoelectrics devices.
- Supervised technicians  and other engineers of the projects in the electrical division.
- Designed electrical circuit board for battery charging.
- Developed maintenance and operating standards for electrical Geoelectrics Measurement Instruments.
- Investigated electrical or electronic failures such as wiring and protection systems failures.


(2019) Deep Learning Specialization by
(2019) Udacity Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree
(2019) Machine Learning by Stanford University
(2014) General Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Management Training
(2014) Essentials of Productive Teams, Mitacs Inc. Inspiring Innovation.
(2013) ABB MicroSCADA, CAP 540, CAP 505, PCM 600 Softwares, LON protocol.
(2012) 4th Winter School On Computational Geometry with focus on Robotics
(2007) Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
(2006) Network +

Honors and Awards

(2014) The University of Western Ontario Dean's Graduate Fellowship
(2015) Software Engineering Internship ($5K)
(2014) Connect Canada Internship ($10K)
(2014) Western Graduate Research Scholarship ($12K/y)
(2011) Iran National Science Foundation academic grant for Master thesis project ($25K)

Major Courses

Random Signals, Adaptive, and Kalman Filtering (90 out of 100)
Introduction to Digital Image Processing (91 out of 100)
Robotic Control (95 out of 100)
Multivariable Control (17 out of 20)
Optimal Control Systems (17.3 out of 20)
Seminar on Impedance Control (17.5 out of 20)
Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks (18.2 out of 20)
Neural Networks (18 out of 20)

Technical Tools

Off-line Programming: Demo3D, Bullet, CoppeliaSim, Adams
ML Libraries: PyTorch, TensorFlow
Computer Programming: Python, C, C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, UNIX shell scripting, MATLAB, Maple
CAD Design: Protel, Eagle, Solidworks
Embedded and Real-time Systems: SIEMENS PLCs and Relays, ABB DCS system, uC/OS-II RTOS, Atmel ATmega MCUs, Microchip PIC MCUs, Rabbit MCUs, IEC 61131-3
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows family, Linux, BSD and other UNIX variants, Apple OS X
Instrumentation and Data Acquisition: Geoelectrical instrument measure IP and RS, National Instrument DAQ, dSpace, Simulink, LabVIEW, Proteus
Productivity Applications: LaTeX, GNU Emacs, Vim, Microsoft Office, and most common productivity packages (for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms)
Information and Internet Technology: Networking, Services (Apache, SQL)
MATLAB Tool Set: Simulink Desktop Real-Time, Linear algebra, control system, robust control, neural networks, genetic algorithm, system identification, signal processing, Wavelet transforms


(2014--2018) Physical Human-Robot Interactions Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, Responsible for KUKA/DLR Light Weight Robot (7-DOF Robot).
(2011--2013) Real Time and Robotics Laboratory}, Department of Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Member.
(2010--present) Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Student Member #90784597.
(2012--2013) IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Member.

Community Involvement

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, AIM
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering
PSAC Local 610 Steward
Judge at the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair

Software Engineering Portfolio  (see GitHub)

1. EKF-RLFJ-Robot
     An Extended Kalman Filter for Real-Time Estimation and Control of a Rigid-Link Flexible-Joint Manipulator

2. Kuka-RL
     Deep Reinforcement Learning implementations in PyBullet simulation environment

     ROS package for the Sensorized Underactuated Finger (SUF)

4. KUI
     An Integration Platform for Multiple Peripheral Modules with Kuka Robots

5. Matlab-Real-Time
     C++, MATLAB
     Connecting Simulink Desktop Real-Time™ and C++ program using UDP

6. Cartesian-KUKA-Stanford-FRI
     A Trajectory Generator in Cartesian Impedance Mode based on Stanford FRI library.

Control Engineering Portfolio (University and Internships)