Microsoft Access Essential Queries

Example 1:Select * from customersExample 2:select * from customers where Country ='uk'Example 3:select City,Country from customers order by cityExample 4:select City,Country from customers order by 1Example 5:select distinct City,Country from customers order by 1Example 6:Select Count(*) from Customers where Country ='ukExample 7:Select sum(Quantity) from[order details] where productid = 11Example 8:Select... [Read More]
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LED Blink ATmega32

here is the bascom code :$regfile = "m32def.dat"$crystal = 8000000Config Portd = OutputDo Portd.6 = 0 Waitms 500 Portd.6 = 1 Waitms 500LoopEndpin10 ---> vccpin11 ---> gndpin20 ---> led+resistor(470 ohm)
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PWM speed control (pic18f4550)

here is the ccs code:#include #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP#use delay(clock = 20000000)void main() { unsigned int16 value;// Input variable setup_adc_ports(ALL_ANALOG);// Input combination setup_adc(adc_clock_internal);// ADC clock set_adc_channel(0);// Select RA0 setup_ccp1(ccp_pwm); // Select timer and mode setup_timer_2(T2_DIV_BY_16,248,1); // Clock rate & output period while(1) { value=read_adc();//Get input byte set_pwm1_duty(value);// Set on time }}everything is... [Read More]
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Driving a motor (pic18f4550)

you can use the information mentioned in previous post as the pic side program to increase or decrease the speed of a motor as an example. now I want to use ULN2003APG driver to drive a motor.using ULN2003APG :pin1 ---> MCU outputpin16 ---> Motorpin8 ---> Motor GND and MCU GNDand... [Read More]
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