Simple Cartesian Trajectory for Fast Research Libarary for KUKA LWR

There is a great library developed by Stanford University for Fast Research Interface (FRI) of KUKA LWR that can be downloaded here. It has many useful examples but it lacks a Simple Trajectory Generator in Cartesian Impedance Mode.I have developed one and can be downloaded: only require to import it... [Read More]
Tags: C++ KUKA Robotics

How to set up a personal home web server (100% free)

First step is assigning a globally known address to your home network. Remote access via Dynamic DNS makes this possible. There are many websites provide such service. I have used because my internet modem/router supports this website! You have to register in noip website and then you have to... [Read More]
Tags: Linux Network

What is Real-Time?!

When the simulation clock reaches a certain time in real-time simulation, the same amount of time must have passed in the real world.Real-Time Windows Target™ (now Simulink Desktop Real-Time™) and xPC Target™ (now Simulink Real-Time™) are no the same! Simulink® Real-Time™ lets you create real-time applications from Simulink models and run... [Read More]