How to Use Solidworks Model in Matlab

Imagine that you have designed a part in Solidworks and you want to transfer the cloudpoints of its surface to Matlab (lets say their XYZ coordinates). In order to do that you have to first make a new static study in Solidworks Simulation Toolbox. Then start meshing the model with... [Read More]

Triple Boot on MacBookPro Retina

If you want to have Windows and Ubuntu alongside your Mac OS on your MacBookPro you should be aware of the followings: The only Linux distribution which has a built-in support for Mac hardware is Ubuntu. For example after installing Fedora in addition to resolution problem your wireless network card... [Read More]
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An EKF for Real-Time Estimation and Control of a RLFJ Manipulator

An Extended Kalman Filter for Real-Time Estimation and Control of a Rigid-Link Flexible-Joint Manipulator The project of Random Signals, Adaptive, and Kalman Filtering course, under supervision of Dr. Parsa.Abstract—High performance tracking of an industrial robot depends on accurate expression of manipulator dynamics. When a robot has flexible joints efficient model... [Read More]