An EKF for Real-Time Estimation and Control of a RLFJ Manipulator

An Extended Kalman Filter for Real-Time Estimation and Control of a Rigid-Link Flexible-Joint Manipulator The project of Random Signals, Adaptive, and Kalman Filtering course, under supervision of Dr. Parsa.Abstract—High performance tracking of an industrial robot depends on accurate expression of manipulator dynamics. When a robot has flexible joints efficient model... [Read More]

Skew symmetry property

The three types of derivatives: vectors-by-matrices, matrices-by-vectors, and matrices-by-matrices. These are not as widely considered and a notation is not widely agreed upon. However the second type (matrices-by-vectors) is widely used in Robotics. If we consider the following state form for a robot:     The matrix is skew-symmetric.Here the matrix-by-vector derivative... [Read More]
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If you need a spacer for connecting FESTO adaptive gripper DHDG to the end-effector of KUKA/DLR Lightweight Robot here is the link to download the SolidWorks design CAD file. [Read More]