An Optimal Control Approach to Robust Control of Robot Manipulators

The project of robust control course, under supervision of Dr. H.A Talebi. Abstract- We present an optimal control approach to robust control of robot manipulators.To guarantee the performance of the manipulator under uncertainties, we first translate the robustcontrol problem into an optimal control problem, where the uncertainties are reflected in... [Read More]

Implementing a Solution to the Accuracy/Robustness Dilemma in Accuracy/ Robustness Dilemma in Impedance Control

The seminar project, under supervision of Dr. Nikravesh. Abstract - As a solution to this dilemma, an accurate and robust impedance control technique that was developed based on internal model control structure and time-delay estimation is derived: the former injects desired impedance and corrects modelling error, the latter estimates and... [Read More]

Mini Automation Project

In this project, you can config two relays to start/stop high power devices on a specific time using PIC18f4550 and PCF8583.Here is the Proteus Simulation and CCS Project.All setting are configurable. It has simple 3 level menu by which you can edit start time and stop time of each relay... [Read More]
Tags: Automation PIC